For Sale By Owner

Are You Selling Your Home By Owner?

*Working with me will help you save time and money!*

*1% Variable Rate Commission Program*

(7% is too high to pay, I even think 6% is too high)

      • 3% if you list with me and I find the buyer.
      • 5.5% if you list with me and another agent brings the buyer.
      • 1% (min amt $1,000) if you list with me and you find the buyer. No other agent involved. I handle all the paper work. No hidden fees.

Want even more savings? Use me as your agent when you buy your next house and I will reduce the max fee to 5%! You will full service with a fair commission plan.

I will work hard to get you RESULTS! Call or email me to set up a time to meet and discuss how we can work together to get your house SOLD!

You deserve to have an ethical and professional real estate agent working with you to get your home sold! I work with buyers and market/prospect for new ones each day!

Call Susan Clark at 402.305.4335